Sunday, March 1, 2009

Reduce National Filing Expenses

Many of my US clients find it especially difficult to finance expensive foreign patent filings. I have some relief by using Inovia (formerly PCTfiler). Inovia capitalizes on the power of bulk buying. Using selected foreign agents, the company coordinates the national stage entry of "more PCT applications that any law firm in the world". The Inovia web site provides a free calculator of international filing costs based on your PCT application. This is helpful when planning your patent budget. In my experience, Inovia for national stage filing has saved my clients about 25%-30% in foreign filing costs.

While Inovia efficiently handles the national filings, I have found that it is important to include your US counsel in the process. To facilitate communication, designate your US patent counsel as the point of contact. If you are filing in Europe, it is important to involve US counsel in drafting a reduced number of claims, if needed.

I think it is also important to mention that the customer service at Inovia is great. Mention Patent FindS when you call.

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