Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New tool for global patent searches- Intellogist

Intellogist is an free online patent searching tool that provides the inventors, attorneys and the IP community with access to a large amount of information in one place. Using a wiki format, Intellogist provides tools for identifying and linking to prior art resources by technical discipline, articles on best practices on patent searching by product area (e.g. medical devices) and a growing discussion Forum for posting patent search-related questions. The site also displays an interesting interactive world map. When a country or regional patenting authority of interest is selected, this map displays the known patent search systems that offer data coverage for the selected entity in a sidebar table. In addition, each country’s entry contains information about associated regional patenting authorities, so that even if there is no known electronic coverage of the country’s national patent collection, the regional authority’s coverage information may be consulted to find documents.

New inventors--do not be over whelmed with the amount or technical nature of the information on the site. Start with the section, "Best Practices for Prior Art" section. This section has a lot of technical information but it is organized logically and will give you a good start.

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