Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blog Find: Intellectual Asset Management (IAM)

It is interesting to note that the age of patent strategist seems to be here. IAM magazine has published the IAM 250 - A Guide to the World's Leading IP Strategists.

As quote from the introductory section of the IAM 250: "World-class IP strategists have a fully rounded approach to IP management and value creation, and how both should be aligned to overall business strategy. They look beyond straight bottom-line return to understand the range of value-creation options available to rights owners. They know how these can be applied to the circumstances of individual businesses. If needs be, they are able to develop new solutions to deal with very specific sets of circumstances. Many people call themselves IP strategists; far fewer can devise game-changing plans and then deliver on them. Those who can, however, are worth their weight in gold."

I would add that a good strategies also has the ability to integrate to incorporate regulatory strategies and a good communicator between all the parties. You do not want to pay extra gold for those with hefty egos.

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