Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Developing your Patent Strategy - Introduction

This is a weekly series of blog posts that address the key elements of developing and implementing a patent strategy. Many of the posts will suggests an important collaboration between you, your patent and FDA regulatory counsel, potential partners, company management and inventors.

This series intends to provide the Patent Finds reader with tips and advice on:

1. DISCLOSURE: Identify, disclose and protect inventions within your organization.
2. ADVISORS: Selection of a patent counsel.
3. BUSINESS: Alignment your patent strategy with your business plan.
4. PRODUCT PROTECTION: Increase product protection by considering issues in your regulatory strategy.
5. COMPETITION: Define your patent landscape and competitors.
6. MANAGEMENT: Development of an internal patent management that controls legal costs and assist attorney in streamlining prosecution.

The blog series starts next Tuesday, June 9. Keep informed, add patentfinds using the RSS or signup for the newsletter.
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