Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Don't drive away with your coffee on the roof of your car

In these stressful times, there are mornings when the lack of financing, increasing legal bills and the uncertainty of the your campany's future make it hard to get started.

Today, I had a morning like that. To add to the fun, my dog suggested a little gardening by jumping on the bed with a flowerpot that clearly served as a home to most of the neighborhood spiders.

When I finally left the house with my coffee on the roof of my car, I decided to take control of my life and steered my car to the local french bakery where I spent 15 quality minutes with a latte and chocolate croissant. Now, I am back and ready to go!

As a public service to the Patent Finds readers, I am taking a poll of the simple ways we all push through mornings like this. I will post the results over the next couple of weeks in the sidebar. If you have a favorite routine and want to share, please email it to me or leave a comment. All suggestions will remain anonymous.

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