Monday, July 27, 2009

Start your own "Kitchen Cabinet" with Technology Marketing experts

Main Entry: kitchen cabinet
Function: noun
Date: 1832
1 : an informal group of advisers to one in a position of power (as the head of a government)

Like many of the Patent Finds readers, I have used a close group of friends of advisers to help me with key decisions in my career and build my businesses. With the growing role of social media in communications, I have added a Technology Marketing group to my own kitchen cabinet to help me market my consulting group.

Social media technologies such as twitter, blogging, social bookmarking and other technologies are offering information to users faster and more efficiently that traditional print media or website. Recently I followed this year's Tour de France this year by watching the television broadcast and following the twitter feeds of some of the key participants only venturing to a website when I wanted more detail.

Even if you do not see yourself twittering or collecting followers on facebook, there are a few things that are sure to be true:
1. your target audience is likely to look for information using social media technologies,
2. these technologies can be used to increase traffic to your website, direct your company branding or help you create a buzz around your research or a new product launch and,
3. new social media technologies arrive on the scene each week.

Patent Finds highly recommends Bialick/Turpin and Associates, a Washington DC based Technology Marketing firm, for setting up social media plan for your individual, small or midsize companies. This group has a creative and a technology expert who are good at putting together a manageable plan that supports your business goals and fits into your budget. Their consultants work with you to create a workable strategy, implement it and train internal staff to maintain the social networking program. If you do not have the internal staff to support the system, Bialick/Turpin will monitor it for you.

I also found Bialick/Turpin's blog helpful. In addition to being informational, I found that the company keeps the customer's resources in perspective. One such post, "Blogger Inflation" discusses how to use free tools to start a blog and how many man hours are necessary to make it an effective marketing tool.

I think it is also important to mention that your should clearly articulate your business goals to the consultants at Bialick/Turpin. It will help them put together a better plan for you. Mention Patent FindS when you call.

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